RED WORLD STORIES This is the site of our good friends Lewis Morley Jr and Marilyn Pride. Singly and together have worked extensively in Australia Well, they live there, duh!) on such films as THE MATRIX 2 &3, Star Wars Episodes 2&3, Dark City and most recently on the upcoming SUPERMAN RETURNS as prop and miniature set builders. Lewis' early work includes the cult classic RAZORBACK(1983) and MAD MAX:BEYOND THUNDERDOME(1985) and THE TIME GUARDIANS(1987). They are also really terrific artists in their own right, doing a personal project comic book and many other things. Maralyn's speciality is dinosaurs and exquisitely painted stones. Did I mention they are also really really really good friends as well? We are lucky!!!


CREATURE DOUBLE FEATURE ~ If you grew up in the Southern New England area, then you'll never forget Creature Double Feature on Channel 56, back in those fuzzy, mid-70's UHF days. Remember trying to get those RABBIT EARS just right on the TV?? You kids never knew what THAT was like.... Anyway, this great site is a tribute to one of the best things about local UHF TV and reminds us that truly independent stations were, INDEPENDENT, not this corporate crap we have to deal with today.




RISFC.org ~ This is the website of the RI Science Fiction Club. I do some movie reviews for it, and you can read the review to the latest Godzilla movie there!!!!
It's a highly fun site and, it proves science fiction is alive and well in Rhode Island!


This is for Golden Gryphon Press website where you can get several books with Bob Eggleton covers on them,and just a great source of books in general with a new list every year. Upcoming books with Bob Eggleton covers are by Geoff Landis IMPACT PARAMETERS (see Sci-Fi Gallery - "The Deep Blue Abyss") and George Zebrowski SWIFT THOUGHTS. Golden Gryphon was founded by the late Jim Turner, and specializes in short story collections something some of the "big publishers" no longer do much. Worth checking out!!!!



This link will take you to Gojigirl, another cool source on the web for Godzilla and "Otaku" stuff to buy:



Joe Bob Briggs is a hero to all of us who love movies especially low budget monster movies. TNT fired him from Monstervision because of some bonehead corporate-uptight decision, but, well, it's THEIR loss (of ratings).

The next best thing is Joe Bob's website at: http://www.joebobbriggs.com/


Okay, I got famous for doing SKULLS, starting in 1988 for Brian's first book NECROSCOPE. Well, the saga (and my covers) still continues so take a look at this site about a writer who does his thing with a genuine BITE.






Need to know about the LATEST in SF and Fantasy? www.locusmag.com


This is the website for The International Association of Astronomical Artists, a prestigious and active presence in the field of Astronomical art and illustration. It's truly a unique kind of art organization and well worth having a look see, even for the beautiful art it's members produce:



Okay, I love ABBA. I make no apologies about it. Even when painting some of my DARKEST images, I listen to ABBA.Their sound was and ever shall be legend. Go to their site and you can LISTEN for yourself!!! The stage show MAMMA MIA was so cool I saw it TWICE in London. It broke all records there so, this has to say something good....



Shusuke Kaneko is one of Japan's hottest new directors. He directed the three recent Gamera movies, and the SF film CROSSFIRE.His most recent film was GODZILLA,MOTHRA,KING GHIDORAH:ALL OUT MONSTER ATTACK.


Jael is an east coast artist who has a style and technique all her own. She's not only a fantastic artist she's also a fantastic person that I am lucky to know. Her site is at:


Do YOU know THIS MAN? Well, maybe you SHOULD. A better question might be: DO PEOPLE THINK YOU'RE STRANGE? DO YOU? Then YOU may be on the RIGHT TRACK. Check out the Church of The Subgenius and find out WHY WE REALLY DO LIVE IN WEIRD TIMES.