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GREETINGS FROM EARTH: The Art of Bob Eggleton

Published April 2000.

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The author, Bob Eggleton , March 16, 2000
This is my new art collection for the new millennium
Greetings From Earth is my new collection of previously published cover art, private commissions and self commissioned work done over the last few years. It's a bit different in tone and feel than Alien Horizons (published l995) but it shows a somewhat different range of work, including one of my earliest paintings from l982. If I was to be able to send a message to aliens, about Earth, then this is what I would present to them,in terms of content, to tell where we've been, where we are, and where we're going. And, in doing so, it's a little of my own history as well. It was a fun book to create.






ALIEN HORIZONS: The Fantastic Art of Bob Eggleton

Will be released in October 1st 2000.

Back in Print!

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Book Description
"One picture is worth a thousand words, and thus Bob Eggleton's illustrations can speak for themselves--eloquently and elegantly."--Robert Bloch. Whether he's painting a newborn bronze dragon amid snowy mountains or a deserted spacescape, Bob Eggleton's bold and beautiful work always throbs with a powerful sense of drama. He can even be thoroughly blood-chilling--just look at the covers of Brian Lumley's wildly successful Necroscope novels to experience the artist's dark side. Even if you think you know Eggleston's work, this amazing collection of fantasies; comic lights and darks; aliens, dinosaurs, and other creatures; and horror-filled imagery will feature something to astound your senses, as well as opportunity to get to know the philosophy and humor of the person behind the illustrations. Nigel Suckling, a leading author on fantasy art, provides a sparkling and informative text.





The author, Bob Eggleton
I have always loved monsters, and I love the sea. So given that, and my need to take my style in other directions, I came up with this book. Artistically, it's a different side of me, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating the images! We found so many "sea monsters" Nigel and I are talking about a sequel,so stay tuned.

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By H.G. Wells, art by Bob Eggleton. This well-written classic has been generously illustrated in color and b&w, many full-page and some two-page. Eggleton says of his artistic approach, It is my hope that when you put this book down you will feel as though you have gone to the moon and have seen a very different place than that which we know today. Each book is exclusively signed for us by Eggleton.

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