At last, here are some cool things Bob thinks you'd like!

 The Art of Chesley Bonestell (April 2001). Edited by Ron Miller, Fred Durant with Melvin Schuetz. Paper Tiger Books.

Long overdue, this wonderful book is the definitive tome of Bonestell. What makes it great is the sheer amount of paintings Bonestell did in his lifetime and not just space art. Architectural drawings , landscapes, even experimental oriental paintings abound the pages of this book. What makes it really special for artists is the editors have chosen to include a huge amount of sketches,rarely seen before this. Also, some nice drawings and a look inside Bonestell's personal life with photos and some anecdotes about his 98 years of life. This is a must-get book for artists and space and SF fans and just anyone who likes space, the way it used to be!






THE BAT-RAT SPIDER vinyl toy from Club Daikaiju Toys. Made in Japan by The M-1 Company. This is one cool toy. The famous Bat-Rat Spider is from the l960 film THE ANGRY RED PLANET. It's huge as these toys go, it's legs spreading nearly one foot across . Multiple articulation of the claws and forearms make for alot of great fun. He's cast in red plastic and painted. There's even a glow-in-the-dark edition. For ordering info click on